Thanks ever so much Chris,  I honestly mean this, in a world of stuff that’s simply sub standard, your products have no equal – Malc 


Just want to say so impressed with the landing net and bank sticks. Fantastic build quality… Cannot say I would use you again as the items will probably last the rest of my lifetime. – Jeff S


Thanks for the Speedy delivery, the buzzbars and banksticks must be the best bit of engineering I’ve ever seen for any fishing tackle! – John M


I would just like to say, how impressed I am with my recent purchase, the 42 ” carp landing net.  With the water levels being extremely low at my syndicate, the added 3′ extension was a massive help when it came to landing a 32lb common with ease!
Great all-round quality!  The best net I’ve owned!  I have still in my possession two old CB 11′ blanks which I made up over 40 years ago – David


Phil Andrews set up arrived this morning, absolutely brilliant, wife really impressed.  Cheers – Neil




Received landing net, beautifully made, well made up.  Thanks Chris – Neil 




Used the New 72″ TFD Cat Landing Net for the first time over the weekend.  Landed a 105lb and 76 lb catfish with it and it is awesome.  The fold back system is easy to use.  Good quality product. – Janos




Hi, the catfish net arrived today. Very pleased I bought off you Chris. It’s fantastic. Thank you – Ian




Hi. Received my landing net today. Just like to say thanks. It’s brilliant. I always aspired to have cb gear and just when I thought I had your full range along comes the low line system lol. Think another order will be coming in to you soon. Again thanks for a great service and real quality products – Mark



It’s not very often these days where you experience genuine excellent customer care and service. One such recent occurrence was dealing with Kent based custom carp tackle manufacturer Chris Brown. Anyone who knows fellow long standing BCSG member Chris will be familiar with his quality landing nets and rod rest systems spanning many decades👌 I bought a glass CB 42” net with some Delkim Optonics in 1985 and used it for many years until I stood on the end of one of the glass arms at Ashlea pool, Glos. and had to convert it to 36” arms for stalking. I was thinking recently if they still made the glass 42” arms? Be nice to use again. A quick e-mail to Chris and a very fair price was sent by return and very quickly some arms and a new black mesh net was sent back to me after a quick call confirming all had been despatched. The green mesh here is my old one as it has been swapped off of my syndicate net to use with my new arms/old pole.
Thanks very much Chris and CB tackle, that’s why you are a quality company for over 4 decades! Well done and thank you. Thoroughly recommend to anyone thinking of treating themselves to a new landing net – Damien


Still the only pod I use after all these years. Great Pod. Already have the cross bars, stage stands etc
Great products Chris that stand the test of time with flying colours – Gerry


Class products, even better customer service. If you want a solid and reliable fishing net then look no further – Rhys


Been carping for 40 years plus. Recently converted to cat fishing. Soon became apparent that it was extremely difficult to get big cats into a 52″ standard carp net. They have the ability to select reverse gear and  back out. Whilst fishing Office Lake in Notts i saw a Chris Brown catfish net propped up. It stood out as a purpose designed net ideally suited to the  task in hand. Quite clearly a stand out product in terms of design and quality. I have always wanted a collapsable carp net similar to the fold down trout nets. Could never get anyone to design and make one for me. Carp 20 to 30 you can just manage in a conventional net without collapsing it. Cats are a different challenge due to their length and weight.

I rang the phone number on the cat net and asked to speak to the designer, Chris Brown. I explained that I wanted one of his cat nets but in a collapsing roll down format. (no more lost spreader blocks or a net in pieces when another rod goes off)

Chris accepted the brief purely as an engineering challenge to see if it could be done.

Within a couple of weeks I had 4 prototypes delivered. They exceeded all my expectations and did not need any alterations. The gloves are now off. I have landed cats to 65lb in them and have collapsed  the net, rolled down to the fish and then carried them to the unhooking mat in the net. This must be more fish friendly than gloving them out and up the bank.

So what is better than having a Chris Brown TFB net in your swim, two of them.

It is rare to get a quality product that does more than it says on the tin and exceeds all your expectations especially when the concept was talked through by phone. I personally think the design and quality are world beaters – Peter


I just want to thank you so much for my new Landing Net.  It was exactly what I wanted and to be Handmade it England by such a skilled craftsman, i’m sure it will last me for many years to come.  I just hope the Fish will be proud sitting in the Bottom of this net, that’s if i’m lucky enough to catch them first that is! – Rodney


That’s awesome thank you – cant believe it but broke my original 21 year old landing net a few weeks ago in a freak accident ☹!  Thanks as ever for the top class service! – Alistair


Received my bars and sticks this morning.. super chuffed with them thanks.. already in use – Paul


Your products come highly recommended as does your service and I can see why – Mark


Cannot wait to give these an outing next week.  Thanks Chris Brown, simply stunning quality and fabulous service – Lee


Thanks for the speedy delivery and good customer service, fantastic engineering – Mark


Just received my Chris Brown pod and I am very impressed with the quality of the products – Scottie


Brilliant net.  Had it donkey years.  Others have failed but this just keeps going.  Highly recommended – Simon


I just wanted to say how impressed I am with not only how quickly my order arrived, but also the quality of your products which are simply top notch!  I will be purchasing other bits and bobs from you without a doubt. Please don’t tell the missus though….!!  Many thanks – Rob


I shall continue to rave about your products and now I shall rave about your customer service too! – John


Quality products; both in landing nets and rod support. When you investigate the range, you can find tools for even the most demanding fishing situations. Value for money that has been around for ages. Backed up by great service. One happy Customer – Fam


Received the arms today, brilliant job many thanks – Andy


First time out with the new bars and sticks.  I must say these are probably the best I’ve ever used.  Many thanks for your excellent products and prompt delivery – Nigel.


Just received the landing net – absolutely brilliant I could not be more pleased – Mick


Again 1st class customer service – Nick


Hey guys just opened my net and I’m very happy with it!!! Best made Varner I’ve ever seen.  Thanks again for all your effort – Baz


I’m in love with the buzzer bars I have and bank sticks, also my net from you.  Thank you for the help I appreciate it a lot – Charlie.


Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the quality of the 60″ net I received for my birthday. I put my partner on to your nets as I’ve been having real trouble with nets for catting. I’m blown away by the quality of the product. Thank you – Dave


Many thanks for your excellent customer service – Ian


Just a quick email to say a really big “Thank You” for the super fast delivery of my landing net.. Your customer service is excellent and I have no hesitation in recommending CB Products to my fishing mates. The landing net is perfect and just what I’ve been looking for – won’t be buying nets from anywhere else anymore! Keep up the good work – Rod


Love mine, these are bulletproof, use the goal posts with parallel bars, or single sticks and also stage stands. Can’t fault them, won’t be changing anytime soon – Nick


Received order with thanks. Nice to see all the bits fit the rest of your stuff that I’ve had for donkeys years. Still the most reliable and logical system on the market – Dick


Just to say thank you, and let you know that i received the items for my buzz bars.   It’s nice to know there are people like you around.  I have always been amazed at the quality of your products, and many, many years of constant use, without any problems whatsoever, says it all – John


The landing net arms arrived today. They are absolutely awesome thank you.   Thanks and praise to Chris, a top quality product! – Peter


Had first chance to set the bars up last night and fit alarms etc.  Totally blown away with the design, quality and ease of use.  Alarms fitted and aligned with no stress at all and the set up looks the business.  Can’t wait to use in anger on the bank – Mark


Received the bank sticks thanks.  Still loving the rod pod. Keep up the good work – Dave


Thanks for a great service – David


Thank you for your brilliant products and customer service.  I am very impressed with my 2 piece landing net – Nick


Received my net head today and as usual excellent quality and service from one of the innovative product manufacturers – Steve


It is seldom these days to get such service.  Once again thank you so much for the outstanding service – Gary


Order arrived yesterday – brilliant service. Thanks to all of you – Andrew


Fantastic service as usual from CBP.  I have bought a number of your products over the years and they have all been brilliant and are all going strong!!!! Thanks once again – Malcolm


Last year I purchased one of your Steve Frapwell nets – excellent bit of kit – build quality , brilliant.  Thank you for building a proper eel anglers landing net – Simon


Fantastic service from a great company selling a great product – Dave


I recently purchased one of Chris’s a telescopic landing nets and bank sticks for specimen Tench fishing. I must say I have been delighted with the items purchased which have been designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards.  Combined with a superb website and  efficient
and fast delivery service these products are a real winner for all serious anglers – Graham


I’ve just received my order of Parallel Bars and Centre Special Screws I ordered yesterday and just wanted to say thank you for a great service and a great piece of kit.  I have been using CB products for a number of years and will continue to do so as long as I can get out on the bank – Dave


Brilliant new Web page …well done.   Any bloke wanting to target big eels must have 1 of these nets.  Customer service is as good as your products..1st class – Nick


I received the net this morning. Very quick delivery!  Love the net, it looks great and rigid – Joeli, Belgium


I have heard nothing but great things about your nets – Dave

The Chris Brown 42” Carp landing net with 9’ handle

Been using this carp net for over 30 years now and I’m still using it during my sessions in Holland.
In the course of time I bought a second net, because I was afraid Chris would retire at some point and his landingnets wouldn’t be available anymore. As his website proves, I’m happy to see that Chris is still going strong! Only when fishing in France I take both nets with me in case of mishap (which happily never ocurred).
On several occasions I even needed to use the second landing net, having double runs! But that only happens in France! I have some vague remembrance of having double runs in Holland, but that’s ages ago…..

During the years I’ve seen other manufactorers’ landing nets, but was never ever tempted to buy one as they all failed the quality of the Chris Brown nets. What I like about the CB net is the overall sturdyness, the strong – not bending – (fibre glass) handle and arms and the excellent quality of the net itself, which is not to deep nor to shallow. All the nets from other companies I’ve seen through the years have this horrible bend in the handle and most of the times also in the net arms……like it’s gonna break any minute ☹ arggghhhh.
The CB landing net is solid and light enough for one handed operation and easy to manoeuvre. In over 30 years of carpfishing it has never let me down!
Thanks Chris and my compliments for your product!

So if anyone has doubts when buying a (new) landingnet, don’t look any further – buy a Chris Brown.

From a very satisfied customer from Holland.

Just to say I had received my eel net from you – what brilliant service and what a lovely bit of kit – just what I have been looking for ! It’s design and finish are outstanding and I will be putting up a post on the eel anglers forum saying so. many thanks once again – Simon
August 2016

I’ve been using your rod rest systems for many many years now. I posses many of your products, 4 different lenghts of banksticks, the single bar rodpod and 2, 3 and 4 rod buzzerbars. All of these are still going strong and I’m still extremely happy with these superb products – Rik
November 2015

Just received the landing net and am very impressed by the build quality and the stiffness of the arms. It’s my net for France and if I have a brace of fifties again at the same time I reckon they will both fit in – Kevin
June 2014

Just received the landing net, must say I am most impressed.
The net is lightweight and easy to handle. I cannot wait for the weather to warm up and the catfish to wake up so that I can put the net (hopefully) to the test.
I would not be surprised if more people at the lake will like what they see as well! Maybe a few more orders may come your way.
Will let you know how I get on – Brian
March 2014

I was over the moon with my new “Big Tench” landing net handle and head when it arrived today. Not only a great bit of kit but delivered well before I had expected too. Huge thanks for the effort and for the workmanship – Chico
May 2014

I fish for specimen Eels and yesterday i received the Big eel specialist net that I ordered from you.  I am over the moon with this net and it’s just the net I have been looking for.  It must be the best net out there for the specimen Eel angler so a thumbs up and a big thank you from me – Steve
February 2014

I recently contacted yourselves regarding some damaged/worn out bank sticks which I purchased a number of years ago regarding repair or whether they were lifetime guaranteed. You replaced them no questions asked.
I would just like to thank you very much for the superb service I received as always. However it’s going to take me a while to wear the replacements in as they look so new.
October 2013

Just received my 3 rod system and would like to say its brilliant – well made – light – excellent value for money just what i wanted.
Chris, Melton Mowbray
April 2013

I am so over the moon with my 42″carbon net and 6ft pole that i would like to order another as a gift.
Steven, Stevenage
March 2013

A scan from an article in Angler’s Mail about Chris Brown Products.
Click here to view full scan